National Electrical Safety Month - May 2022

May is National Electrical Safety Month. Sponsored by the Electrical Safety Foundation International and endorsed by the National Fire Protection Association, National Electrical Safety Month promotes awareness and education regarding home electrical hazards, electrical fire safety, and the safety of workers potentially exposed to electrical hazards.

Workplace Fall Protection Week - May 2nd - 6th

Falls to lower levels continues to rank amongst the most frequent cause of workplace injuries and fatalities. The reasons these incidents occur can have their origins in several areas: Weaknesses in the management systems that influence fall protection programs. Others are related to human behaviors & beliefs. The use of audit, assessment, and observation programs can proactively identify system weaknesses as well as improper employee behaviors and beliefs.

Mental Health Month - May 2022

The pandemic has brought more focus to mental health concerns as we navigated through the disruptions of our lives and routines to adjust to those changes. However, the feelings of stress, isolation, and uncertainty brought on by the pandemic are not the only stressors that can affect our mental health as plenty of other factors can affect how you feel. With so much going on in our lives and the world at large, mental distress can seem inevitable at times. 

What is EESG?

Many companies have begun to implement new safety and environmental protocols designed to expand protection beyond their employees, but to also include subcontractors, customers, and suppliers. These protocols encompass the protection and preservation of natural resources and the Earth for future generations.

trainPOINT at Safety 2022 Conference+Expo

Experience the Future of Training and Employee Development. Learn How We Can Provide the Tools Needed to: Increase employee retention of learning for training programs. Allow employees to practice safe work techniques in a hazard free environment. Make the training experience fun and desired by your employees. Assess employee skills and abilities through simulation and remote observation. trainPOINT is comprised of a team of highly skilled instructional designers, professional trainers, content developers, artists, safety professionals and engineers working together with our partners to craft and create world-class, cutting-edge, award winning training.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month - April 2022

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 9% of fatalities from motor-vehicle accidents in 2019 involved distracted driving. In addition to the fatalities, there were over 424,000 people injured in motor vehicle accidents involving distracted drivers*.  Unfortunately, this is a statistic that continues to increase. Though there was a reduction in the number of distracted driving related fatalities between 2018 and 2019, there was …

Safety 2022 Conference+Expo

trainPOINT is eagerly counting down to the ASSP Safety 2022 Congress and Expo. We are excited about this great opportunity to see everyone face to face, and network with future clients and business partners. Whether you are an existing client looking to meet with our team, or you want to learn more about how trainPOINT’s immersive learning solutions can help you, this will be an excellent opportunity to gather and network with safety industry professionals.

transitional REALITY

While video games were once relegated to the realm of recreation and fun, these days gamification has become a highly effective tool for training and education. Throughout these experiences, your employees can gain vital knowledge in an engaging, immersive environment.

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

Substance abuse in the workplace can have far-reaching impacts that effect the organization. These effects are not just restricted to operational impacts. Effects of workplace substance abuse have very personal impacts to the employee, their co-workers, and those touched by the employee outside of the workplace.

National Ladder Safety Month

Each year a large number of people around the world are injured or killed by falling from a ladder. In 2016, OSHA estimated that 20% of fatal and days away from work injuries in general industry were related to falls from ladders. These events typically occur because the person is not properly using the ladder.

Safety 2021 Conference and Expo Recap

Congratulations to our Applications International Corporation and trainPOINT teams on a job well done at the Safety 2021 Conference and Expo.  It was great to see our partners again, make new connections, and work together to make our workplaces safer!  We’ll see everyone in Chicago next year at Safety 2022! 

Bridging the Gap – Using Virtual Reality for Subject Matter Posterity

By Elle Field

The burden of retaining crucial capabilities and knowledge within organizations and industry is not a new headline. So why are we all just wringing our hands and closing our eyes, turning away from this massive transition? Why not bring in technology and capture these tremendous humans and give their skills a chance to reach unending audiences for years to come.  It is our belief at trainPOINT that Virtual and other mixed reality mediums are the future of educational posterity, and it’s a part of our mission to bring that hyper realistic training experience to our community. 

Hand and Arm Signals

By Joshua Montanez

When it comes to the many responsibilities that a spotter has in any work environment that requires this role, the responsibility of being an extra pair of ears and eyes to safely direct an operator driving a vehicle is very crucial. Here at trainPOINT we’re working hard to prevent work-related…

The Importance of Realism in Virtual Reality Training

By Mark Cristobal

Simulated training, whether it is in person or in a virtual reality setting, will always have a need to be realistic. The goal is to provide training that mirrors real-life situations and work processes so that trainees can come out with skills that may be hard to teach in traditional classroom settings.