Does your content work across multiple platforms?

Yes, our content is cross-platform and cross experience, being able to use our content on PC-tethered VR platforms, stand-alone Android VR platforms, and non-VR mobile Android, iOS, and PC Desktop platforms. trainPOINT also has many courses integrating Unity into SCORM for exciting, easily deployable, and highly accessible gameplay.

What courses are included with my service?

All of trainPOINT’s VR, AR, transitionalREALITY™, and E-learning courses are available to all trainPOINT clients and partners on an unlimited basis. Additionally, custom VR, AR, transitionalREALITY™, and E-learning courses can be designed and developed to meet specific needs.

How are updates handled for VR content?

We have clients that have all types of security and accessibility restrictions. Our team will work with your organization to deploy updates as mandated by organizational policies. Our out-of-the-box content is hosted in a private SOC Certified cloud, on trainPOINT owned hardware and can be downloaded from anywhere around the globe.

What is meant by the phrase “gamification of training?”

Almost all training practical exercises and scenarios can be considered as games. However, we take that a few steps further, to engage your employees.  When there’s an emotional connection with an experience, it encourages learning retention and muscle memory.  That is what our gamification process tackles. We solve the problem of getting users excited to train and to help them retain as much training content as possible. trainPOINT implements gamification of training content in several ways. First, we offer training metric leaderboards, multiplayer-multi-user experiences, and implement feedback systems when positive or negative training practices are observed or when goals are being met. Second, we allow users to customize their in-training avatars to allow for a more personable feel. It is real-time feedback systems that stimulate users as they traverse through experiences and make them memorable and allow for greater skill retention.

What are the advantages of gamifying training content?

Supplementing your learning curriculum with gamified content, provides training professionals and employees an opportunity to experience an enhanced variety of training resources. Show your team that you are invested in there safety and success, with this cutting edge training technology. Improve workplace synergy with meaningful key performance indicators and reports that drive change in your organization. Packaged and immediately deployable organizations will receive an immediate positive return on investments. Engage remote and onsite employees for superior performance management.

Talk to me about hardware and setup.

Hardware is driven by the gaming and entertaining industry, and is designed to be accessible to all ages.  Setup is user friendly. Our team can pre-configure any required equipment if requested, and will travel to your organization’s location to teach trainers how to setup and deploy the training content.

What other solutions are available that break the mold of my organization’s traditional training content?

All of trainPOINT’s VR, AR, transitionalREALITY, and E-learning training content is dynamic, and available for mass deployment on your organizations platform of choice.

What training metrics are captured while users conduct training?

trainPOINT understands the need for clear key performance indicators and reports generated from your training experience. We have a baseline of industry standard metrics captured that vary based upon the course content and procedure. We believe that metrics are most effective when they are defined by the client and customized to fit your organization’s needs. These metrics must be defined and displayed in a meaningful way that speaks to your corporative initiatives.

How interactive are your AI characters, and what role do they play within the VR training content?

Most of our VR and non-VR training content works with 4 different types/levels of AI.
  • Ambient AI – This is composed of simulated characters operating around the training area. Some of these characters can be interacted with but mostly are in the area for visuals and realism. Some examples of this would include pedestrians around a construction site, workers in a warehouse, cars or other vehicles driving through or around the area, and other non-vital characters.
  • Vital AI – These are AI characters that are part of the learning experience. They can be simulated job leads within the training area that the user gets instruction from, or they can be other workers in the area that can be interacted with. Some examples of vital AI are workers not wearing proper PPE and must be identified, helpers working that give vital information to the user, a vehicle following user hand and arm signals on a construction site in order to safely navigate the landscape, and other workers that can help in a procedure. Both ambient and vital AI types can be utilized in ways to best organizational training needs and should always be used when possible. Furthermore, these types of AI, including their interactions, are highly customizable.
  • Learning AI – This type of AI is not seen within training scenarios. Instead, this AI collects data from the user in real-time and modifies the scenario to best fit the user’s experience. This AI will adjust difficulty levels based on user performance and could even dispatch vital and ambient AI throughout the experience. Do not worry, this AI is not concerned with world destruction. Instead, it can be seen more as a coach that wants its users to push themselves to the max!
  • Backend AI – This type of AI is run on our servers and is used for data analytics and other tasks related to giving trainers the most usable, functional, and relevant data needed for better decision making.

How long does it take to custom deliver a course?

This is the number one question we get at trainPOINT. The answer depends on the procedure, deployment mechanism, physics variables (if using VR) and hardware considerations. We are able to collect training materials and give a time and cost estimate within 24 hours. Please reach out for more information.

What is the implementation process?

Whether you are using trainPOINT’s out of the box subscription-based training content or custom developing something unique and proprietary, trainPOINT will be there every step of the way to help with implementation and socialization. Our team of highly skilled instructional designers has compiled a robust suite of training materials on our current content that is available in VR, SCORM, training documents, PowerPoint’s and other delivery methods. As we work with clients and partners on custom content, our team will build training materials specified to the content that speaks to your organization’s learning style. We will train your trainers and offer unlimited same day support and unlimited training and socialization so that you can be sure that your trainers and team are set up for success.

What are our pricing options?

As a certified Women Owed Small  Business, trainPOINT understands that there is not a one size fits all pricing structure when it comes to training. Some clients have an unlimited license with unlimited seats to access all of our content, and some prefer to utilize courses a-la-carte. It is a part of our mission here at trainPOINT to bring effective, life-saving safety technology to the masses and we are proud to work with our partners to find pricing solutions that fit every budget.

Anything Else?

If these questions didn’t speak to you or answer what you need to know, please reach out. We are available via phone or email and look forward to speaking with you soon.