Learning Management System

A robust, engaging training program, combined with detailed data about user experiences and results, can grant you previously unattainable knowledge about workforce knowledge and safety.

Want to harvest detailed information from your team’s training experiences? Our partners at Applications International Corporation (AIC) can provide you with a state of the art Learning Management System (LMS) which deploys the tools needed to empower your organization to do just that.  Through robust reporting and dashboard tools, the LMS delivers detailed metrics that can support your continuous improvement goals through data necessary to identify areas where additional training opportunities exist, perform predictive analysis, and provide assessments of the level of knowledge, awareness, and skill within your workforce.
DEPLOY TRAINING CONTENT LEARN MORE trainPOINT empowers you to seamlessly deployengaging training content across all platforms you are using, including VR, desktop, and mobile applications.
Once your workforce has begun taking training courses, you can easily access detailed results in our next gen, xAPI based Learning Management System.
ANALYZE RESULTS LEARN MORE With the data you have collected in the LMS, you can analyze data across your organization,identify areas that needimprovement, andpreform predictiveanalysis.
IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES LEARN MORE The data derived by this analysis can provide you with the tools necessary to address gaps inknowledge, skills, and awareness.

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